鮭魚です Salmon Like a fish

If theres a color for inting, it shall be salmon pink.

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Terms of Service

Commission Process

Discussion > Date Confirmation > Draft > Adjustments > Payment > Colored Draft > Final Adjustment > Finished

I accept OC & fanarts. No NSFW or furries, mainly because I don’t know how… After received a quote after first draft, if failed to respond within 3 days, the quote would be cancelled. These commission are for non-business use ONLY, you will NOT be receiving original files, nor have the right to sell as merchant or make modifications without my permissions.

Estimated time of delivery

Approximately 3-15 workdays after the draft have been confirmed, I’ll send a notice if theres a delay from my schedule. Please let me know in advance if theres a deadline for your commission, as i might have to withdraw your commission if the deadline could not be fulfilled.

Revision Stage

Maximum of 2 adjustments each can be allowed during draft and colored draft While structures can be changed during draft adjustments only colors or details can be modified during final draft adjustments No adjustments can be made after final, and if exceed 2 adjustments allowed, you would be charged for 5~10% for each leading changes.


Paypal 6% fees paid within 3 days after quote


Cancelling before draft -> No payment required Cancelling after draft -> 40% drafting fee required Cancelling after Colored draft -> 10% refund If the cancellation was made on my side, you will get a full refund